Casual Leather Panel Clear PVC Pointed Toe Ballet Flats - Apricot

$99 $180


These flats will make you feel like your very best self! So versatile, this plain pair features a walkable flat profilo that's crafted into a dual-material look of a transparent PVC construction and a faux leather back-heel which is colored in a solid shade of apricot. The design covers your feet without shortening your leg or cutting off your silhouette at the ankle. There're also several perforations along the inside of the flats making it a pair of breathable shoes. They are made for all-day comfort as it forms them with a faux leather footbed that offers a lightly padded support. Take them home and make them a nine to five work-wear rotation.

35 4 22.1
36 5 22.8
37 6 23.5
38 7 24.2
39 8 24.8
40 9 25.5
41 10 26.2
42 11 26.8
43 12 27.5

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