Metal Ring Removable Long Sleeve Collared Button Down Corset Shirt

$79 $144


When you’re ready for chill time, this white shirt will be the coolest outfit you need. Our ultra-chic shirt styling is designed to be edgy and fashion-forward, making this a need-now piece. Featuring a sculpting silhouette with the boned corset for a cinched waist accent, the shirt comes with double collars, button-front details and long sleeves with silver-toned ring finish. Our favorite part of this piece is the detachable sleeve, with which the illustration turns to a collared shirt vest with the sleeve knotted on the waist. Hence, it’s such a perfect piece to wear from the office to post-work parties as you can wear it with black pants or skirts for the working hours; then just slide into heels with the sleeves off for your night out. Wise investment, don’t you think?

Size (in) S M L
Length 20.1  20.7  21.3 
Shoulder 16.1  16.5  16.9 
Bust 34.6  36.2  37.8 
Waist 24.0  25.6  27.2 
Waist 23.4  23.8  24.2 

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