Regal Crystal Sequined Embellished Bodycon Faux Feather Mini Tube Dress

$179 $325


In this glamorous designer statement dress, every detail exudes elegance and luxury. The mesmerizing ensemble is adorned with an array of sparkling faux gems and dazzling sequins. The fitted skirt of the dress boasts beautifully crafted imitated feather details, artfully arranged to add a touch of grandeur and regal allure. As you glide through the room, the delicate feathers gracefully follow your every movement, leaving an enchanting trail of elegance in your wake. This little pink dress is not just a garment. As you step into the spotlight, the dress reflects your inner radiance, enhancing your confidence and empowering you to embrace your regal charm.

Size (in) S M L
Length 31.5  31.9  32.3 
Bust 33.5-34.3 34.6-35.8 35.8-36.6
Waist 25.2-26 26-27.6 28-28.7
Hip 34.3-35.4 35.8-37 37.4-38.2

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